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Give this heart card to the people you love, like your family or special someone!

This Fun2draw print-out came along with my special Fun2draw Love Heart video on my Fun2draw channel on YouTube!

Print out the above Fun2draw Love Card with a cute heart with wings to give to someone you love and care about! This is great for classmates and friends as a Valentine's Day card, for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, your BFF, boyfriend, girlfriend, or for anyone, anytime, just to say "I Love You" :) Brighten up someone's day with a cute, sweet card <3

You can also learn how to draw a cute love heart with wings, bow, and ribbon step by step easy in the same video. Go to my Fun2draw channel on YouTube! Some fun, popular, and top drawing videos from Fun2draw include the Fun2draw Heart with a rose, kawaii heart, kawaii star, cute bear holding a love heart, a bunny with a bow holding a heart that says "XO", the Fun2draw "Bee Mine" drawing, cute cat with a heart, heart butterfly, chibi teen girl in love, the kawaii rose, flower, flower heart with "Mom", cute heart couple, the Fun2draw heart lollipop, cartoon diamond, and more!

Suggestion: School binder label

Use this to organize your binders & notebooks!

Suggestion: Santa owl Christmas card

Give this adorable Holiday card to your friends & family!

Suggestion: School gift for teachers and classmates

Give this to your teachers, classmates, & graduating friends at school!

Suggestion: Disney Frozen princesses Elsa and Anna with Olaf

Give this to your friends & family for the holidays, or as a mini poster on your wall!

Check out these fun free gift drawings from Mei Yu on Fun2draw's YouTube channel!
Check out these fun free gift drawings from Mei Yu on Fun2draw's YouTube channel!
Check back for new free gift drawings!