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A Santa owl Christmas card to give to your friends or family - Happy Holidays!

I wanted to draw this special Fun2draw holiday card for you viewers to give to your friends, classmates, & family members for the Holidays to say "Happy Holidays" & "Merry Christmas"! I wish you all a happy and joyous season :) Watch how to draw and create this cute Christmas picture / winter scene step by step in my Fun2draw YouTube video.

You can also create and make your own easy Christmas, Winter, and Holiday pictures, scenes, and decorations for your friends and family by drawing Fun2draw Christmas & Winter Holiday cartoons from my Fun2draw channel on YouTube. Some of the best and popular cartoon art and drawing tutorial videos from my Fun2draw channel for the Holiday season include how to draw the Fun2draw Santa, Snowman, Snow girl, Christmas Angel, Elf Girl, kawaii present / gift in cute gift wrap and a bow, Reindeer, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer in a gift, Christmas wreath, candle, penguin, polar bear, figure skater, the boys of One Direction in stockings, cute cartoon snowflake, and more! Go watch on my Fun2draw channel on YouTube!

Suggestion: Gift for Fun2draw YouTube subscribers for reaching 100k subs

Mei Yu's very first FREE Gift Drawing!

Suggestion: School binder label

Use this to organize your binders & notebooks!

Suggestion: Disney Frozen princesses Elsa and Anna with Olaf

Give this to your friends & family for the holidays, or as a mini poster on your wall!

Suggestion: Cute art sign for your bedroom door

Put this cutie on your bedroom door!

Check out these fun free gift drawings from Mei Yu on Fun2draw's YouTube channel!
Check out these fun free gift drawings from Mei Yu on Fun2draw's YouTube channel!
Check back for new free gift drawings!