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How to draw video lessons on drawing cute birthday things.


Say "Happy Birthday" to your friends and family by drawing these cute birthday things!

Learn how to draw cute birthday cakes and balloons step by step easy, and improve your drawing skills. Then, create your own birthday cards to celebrate the occasion!

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Learn to draw a kawaii cake slice step by step.

Learn how to draw a kawaii birthday cake slice easy!

Drawing a cute two-tier cake.

Learn to draw a cute two-tier cake for special celebrations!

Drawing Happy Birthday balloons.

Say "Happy Birthday" by drawing these birthday balloons!

Free online art lesson on how to draw a slice of cake.

Draw this cute cake slice step by step easy!

Learn how to draw a cute bear with a birthday cake!

Learn to draw this cute bear with a birthday cake!

Some of Fun2draw's cute and easy cartoon characters, including a Minion, a Minecraft Creeper, Toothless
					from How to Train Your Dragon, SpongeBob, and My Little Pony's Pinkie Pie.