Some of Fun2draw's cute and easy cartoon characters, including a Minion, a Minecraft Creeper, Toothless
					from How to Train Your Dragon, SpongeBob, and My Little Pony's Pinkie Pie.

About Mei Yu

Young female artist Mei Yu, creator and instructor of the Fun2draw YouTube art channel.

Hey everyone! This is Mei Yu, the creator and artist of Fun2draw and MeiYuArt. I enjoy creating my original animated series, Animate My Life, which is based on my funny, embarrassing, and memorable real life experiences.

My Fun2draw channel has over 1.6 million subscribers, 300 million views, and 800 art challenge, drawing tutorials, and art videos. I'm very happy my Fun2draw videos can help inform, entertain, and inspire many on a daily basis!

Many viewers have asked me why I started Fun2draw. I was self-taught when I was young. I didn't have a special art teacher or art classes - until high school and college. I know it can be frustrating to teach yourself to draw something. It can also be tough to find someone who's there to show you what you like to draw, in an easy, fun way, step by step.

Many people love to draw but they don't know how to start. Lots of people get discouraged due to lack of inspiration or support. Quite a number of parents have asked me to teach their kids private art classes. I thought instead of helping a few, I could help many worldwide. That's why I started my Fun2draw channel on YouTube, and my Fun2draw apps.

Fun2draw cute teen girl in prom dress.

Many viewers have told me that my Fun2draw videos have encouraged them to start drawing. They have become better drawers. They draw along with my Fun2draw videos, then show their drawings to their classmates at school. They make more friends with their art. They feel more confident. Some parents and grandparents have emailed me to tell me how much their children love to draw along with my Fun2draw videos. They watch with their kids regularly. I think this is awesome! I love to see more adults encourage and support their kids with their art and creativity.

I'm super happy to know that many of my Fun2draw viewers share their Fun2draw fan art on my Facebook page, on Instagram under the hashtags "#Fun2draw" and "#MeiYuArt", in their own YouTube fan art videos, and on other social sites. I feel very lucky to be able to inspire them like this, because they're putting what they learned from Fun2draw to good use.

I love to hear that many of my fans have told me that my drawing videos inspire and encourage them!

Mei Yu's self-published how-to-draw cartoon, anime, and manga art books.

Fun facts about Mei Yu:

  • Mei started drawing at age 2 and never stopped.
  • She won 17 art awards and scholarships upon high school graduation.
  • She has taught cartooning classes in schools & libraries in Canada since 2004.
  • Mei self-published 4 how to draw cartoons and Anime books since age 18. The Canadian Children's Book Centre selected Mei's book to be included in their Our Choice publication. Her books are in some libraries in Canada & the US.
  • Mei drew for cartoon TV shows at age 19.
  • Mei auditioned and played a Police Sketch Artist on the popular USA Network TV show Psych, season 6, in 2011.
Cute Fun2draw chihuahua puppy dog pet.
Cool Fun2draw fantasy winged wolf.

I hope my Fun2draw art challenges, art videos, and apps will continue to inspire more and more people for many years to come!

Keep being awesome, Fun2draw fans! <3

Fun2draw Artist Mei Yu on TV

Mei Yu on CBC

Mei Yu in news and other media

Mei Yu, featured in a number of art lesson classes and newspaper articles.
Mei Yu, featured in a number of art lesson classes and newspaper articles.