Fun2draw website home header, featuring how-to-draw cartoon, anime, and manga characters
Fun2draw website home header, featuring how-to-draw cartoon, anime, and manga characters
The latest update to Fun2draw apps and ebooks. They teach you how to draw step by step!


Watch Mei Yu draw herself in 10 cartoon styles in this fun art challenge video!

Tutorial Thursday

See the latest Tutorial Thursday how to draw video on my Fun2draw channel! Includes drawing tutorials for 
								kids and teens, and for skill levels beginning to advanced.

Fun Friday

Watch Mei Yu in her latest Fun Friday art video! A new art challenge, fun animation, or art video every week.
Mei Yu, the Canadian artist and creator of YouTube channel Fun2draw.

Get the latest Fun2draw free gift drawings & printables, watch exclusive EXTRA videos, and more on, the official Fun2draw website!

Created by Mei Yu, a Canadian artist, Fun2draw is one of the most popular art challenge and art tutorial channels on YouTube. The Fun2draw channel has more than 700 art videos, and features new art challenges or "Animate My Life" animations every week in a new Fun Friday art video! Mei Yu's special art challenges include "How to Draw Yourself in 10 Animated Cartoon, Game, and Comic Styles", character mashups, genderbends, 1 minute real-time "Artist Vs. Time" challenges, blindfold challenges, 3 marker challenges, upside-down challenges, and more!

There are also 600+ art lessons from easy to advanced skill levels. Some of Fun2draw's popular art tutorials include how to draw people and celebrities, how to draw faces, hairstyles, poses, and clothing, how to draw animals and pets, how to draw makeup, how to draw food, how to draw anime and manga, and more! New art lesson videos every Tutorial Thursday.

Check out Fun2draw for all these art videos, art challenges, and more!

Here at, you'll find what you can't get on YouTube! Print out the latest Fun2draw freebies and free gift drawings. Check out the art gallery for selected images from Mei Yu's previous Fun2draw art videos and art challenges. And learn more about Mei Yu, the creator of Fun2draw!

Also, learn more about all the Fun2draw apps and eBooks for Apple, Android, and Kindle devices. These Fun2draw apps and eBooks will show you how to draw, color, and shade cute, easy, & stylish NEVER-Before-Seen Fun2draw cartoon characters, animals, people, and food step by step.

Keep Watching and Fun2drawing! <3

Some of Fun2draw's cute and easy cartoon characters, including a Minion, a Minecraft Creeper, Toothless
					from How to Train Your Dragon, SpongeBob, and My Little Pony's Pinkie Pie.

Fun2draw, a popular YouTube drawing channel, has a huge variety of art videos - including fun art challenges, personal art creations, character mashups, blindfolded drawings, time lapse art, 1 minute challenges, marker challenges, upside-down drawings, Travel with the Artist videos, "Animate My Life" cartoon animations, and more! Watch new art challenges or animations every week on Fun Friday!

Plus, see Tutorial Thursday cartoon art lessons and entertaining videos for everyone. Each Fun2draw drawing tutorial video shows you how to draw a cartoon character, start to finish, step by step!

Check out Fun2draw on YouTube - over 600 cute, fun videos!

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Watch Fun Friday art challenges and personal art illustrations - current featured YouTube video playlist.

Watch Mei Yu do art challenges and personal art illustrations in these Fun Friday videos on her Fun2draw YouTube channel!

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Some cute and easy to draw Fun2draw characters, including kawaii animals and food
Some cute and easy to draw Fun2draw characters, including kawaii animals and food